The whole grain, whole-barley rice that is grown in Peru has been a staple food for the people of this South American country and it’s one of the world's healthiest grains. The whole barley rice is rich in fiber and protein and has a low glycemic index. In addition to being healthy, whole barley rice also tastes great! This post explores why whole barley rice is so good for you.

Peruvian whole barley rice is the most common type of whole-grain rice. This whole grain has a lower glycemic index to other types of brown or white rice, meaning it will not spike your blood sugar levels as quickly and help you maintain better energy throughout the day. It also contains more protein than any other type of grain (which can be important for people who are looking to increase their dietary protein intake). The low glycemic index makes whole barley an excellent food choice for children, pregnant women, athletes and anyone with diabetes or pre-diabetes because they have trouble controlling glucose metabolism in cells due to insulin resistance. Whole grains like whole barley provide steady fuel that keeps your blood sugar stable over time which helps regulate appetite hormones like ghrelin. Whole grains also release a growth hormone called insulin from the pituitary gland in your brain which controls metabolism of glucose into cells.

This is important for people who have trouble regulating their glucose levels due to insulin resistance such as those with diabetes or pre-diabetes because it stabilizes their blood sugars throughout the day instead of spikes and crashes . This constant flow of energy will help you feel more balanced both physically and mentally!

Barley rice

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