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Product of Uruguay

  • No Stems
  • Canarias Yerba Mate is made with the highest proportion of pure leaf in the market and an adequate balance between powder and stem. 100% natural product without artificial aggregates of preservatives or other chemicals. For this reason occasionally slight variations may occur in the flavor throughout the year.
  • The leaves of Yerba Mate used for the preparation of this product come from the States of Santa Catarina, Paraná and Rio Grande Do Sul in Brazil. Trees grow in forests whose microclimate favors the ideal development of the leaf properties.
  • After the process of drying and pre grinding, the Canary Yerba field store in bags of 50 kg for a period of 4 to 6 months in environments that are temperature and humidity controlled, to ensure a quality product even between different batches.

It's composition offers a predominant taste to mate with a slight herbal taste.

Yerba Mate Ground Leaves

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    Customer Reviews

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    Marlon (Georgia, United States)
    My break of day drink

    I hate writing reviews but I felt compelled to go against my nature this time. As a sunrise person, every rising of the sun is sacred to include the silent faint euphoric moments just before the birds wake up. Yerba mate helps to settle the mind, focus, and be present. It's a great herb for those of us who enjoy cultivating the mind as well as assisting the body with it's important functions. The taste is refreshingly earthy and the aftertaste is slightly "mediciny" as if to remind the drinker of its wonderful medicinal properties. Thank you Canarias for allowing the world to experience such a fantastic herb!

    Diana H. (Colorado, United States)
    Yerba Canaria

    My whole family and friends are addicted to yerba Canaria (the yellow one). It has great taste and brings back pleasant memories from Uruguay. Highly recommended.

    William D.
    Fast shipping and great prices as always!

    Never disappointed with my orders from Zocalo Foods. The prices are awesome and customer service is excellent!

    Jose C.
    Yerba Canarias

    Strongest Yerba Mate without stems. Type consumed by Uruguayans

    Fernando P.
    Excellent service and fast shipping

    Excellent service and fast shipping