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Just on time, excellent service

Great Algarrobina syrup!

I like the taste of this algarrobina syrup. I add a small amount to my
vegetable milk and drink it like it is coffee.

Great cookies

love this cookies

Amazing!!! Love these cookies so much! Ate a lot of them when I did a missions trip to Ecuador! So half I was able to find them and get them so quick!! Thank you so much!!!


Was a very good and tasty product, shipping fast

Great salt for any cocking

I used this salt before and expanded its use to more than just barbeque. I great in salads soups and stews.

Fast and efficient

Thank you so much for your product! My daughter is going to be so excited! Great packaging & everything in tact. Fast too. Thank you!!

Glad to get such good service

fresh convenient and arrived quickly

shipped but rough

Shipped coast to coast. Not enough packing, several cans dented. Used them right away.
Did ship Chipolte sauce and not the salsa that brand A shipped.
Overall, happy enough to order again.

Just like I remember it

I'm so glad you stock this wonderful herbal tea. I am not sure whether or not it has the healing properties that the people of Loja believe it does, but I smile when I drink it. It really takes me back 30 years. This is not like the horchata most people are used to with grains. It is a brightly colored, complex herbal tea that is good with lemon and just a touch of sweetening and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Best mate ever

Best mate ever, thank you for this amazing product.

Entrega rapida

Me gusta mucho esta marca de yerba Mate. La pedi y llego en unos dias

Good Job!

Great job on the packaging. Item arrived on time and in perfect conditions.

Great taste...

As a long distance runner I know lucuma is a good source of zinc, calcium, vitamin C, niacin (vitamin B3) and iron.


splendid,but not for sale in Belgium I sold in the US

First time order

I ordered some Dominican seasonings that I am unable to find locally and the prices, shipping speed and convenience were all top notch. I will definitely buy here again

Easy online order

This is the 2nd time I order from this store and I love it , the product was delivered early than the expect time. Thanks

Spicy but good

I find the Dona Isabel brand has more flavor, more heat but less of the rocoto flavor. Still good though, I'd purchase again.


Satisfied on the product and shipped quick


I'd been looking all over for this amazing tea. I was so happy to find it here. Quick delivery, great prices. Delicious product.
Thank you!

Best Hot Sauce

Recently returned to US from trip to Dominican Republic where I was able to try this hot sauce. So glad I was able to find it on this site. Very fast shipping.

Best Mayonnaise Ever!

This is truly the best tasting mayo in the world! I could eat it every day -and usually do, lol, and I highly recommend this product. I am so glad to have found it here! Now there's no need to bring some back from South America when traveling. Thanks for bringing this unique, great product to the U.S. and please keep up the good work! Shipping was also fast and there was even a nice hand-written note on the order slip in the box. Fantastic! My only suggestion would be to see if it would be possible to communicate to the company about putting expiration dates on the packages. There were no dates listed on any of the packages, so it's hard to know when it expires. ;) Other than that, I love this product and really appreciate finding it here! Thanks so much for bringing more of the international Latin foods market to the U.S. and keep up the good work!

Rotoco heaven

Fantastic! I love the the taste of the peppers.

Good Colombian coffee

Finally a coffee that wakes me up!

Decaf Colcafe

Ben using this product for over a year and although there are many equivalent brands, none can beat it.