Inca's Food Te Canela y Clavo (Cinnamon & Clove) Tea 25 Tea Bags 1.23oz, 25g

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Product of Peru

Inca's Food Cinnamon & Clove Tea

  • Contains 25 tea bags
  • 100% Natural

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Este producto no debe usarse para el diagnostico, tratamiento, cura o prevención de ninguna enfermedad

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Bryan B. (Colorado, United States)
sip sip yum!

Sit back relax and drink in the flavor. This cinnamon clove tea is the best. Toby at the office always brags about how good his high-falutin small batch organic teas are and he always tries to impress the boss with his little silicone mermaid steeper that rests all nonchalantly on the side of his mug while it queefs its contents into his fancy ivy-league mug. Well guess what Toby, I made some of this Inca's Food Te Canela y Clavo (Cinnamon & Clove) Tea for Jake the other day and served it to him in my Initech mug and he LOVED it. Guess who's doing all my TPS reports until the end of the month, Toby. Si Señor, that would be you!